Medtech Insight: “CorFlow’s Controlled Flow Infusion is Different”

Medtech Insight: “CorFlow’s Controlled Flow Infusion is Different”

Baar, Switzerland, March 9th 2018

On March 2nd Medtech Insight, a leading publication covering the global medical device industry, featured CorFlow Therapeutics AG as one of the companies spearheading the treatment of microvascular obstruction (MVO) in acute heart attack patients.

The article (downloadable courtesy CorFlow Therapeutics here) acknowledges that primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PPCI) remains the gold standard to treat acute heart attack patients. However, the article also highlights that PPCI (also known as “stenting”) alone is not sufficient to reestablish microcirculation in these patients. Medtech Insight states that there is a growing recognition among interventional cardiologist that early treatment of these patients while they are still in the cath lab is essential to achieve better outcomes. In-hospital mortality still amounts to 5-6% on average increasing to 7-18% by one year and outcome data suggest that 25% of the acute heart attack patients are in heart failure within four years of their first heart attack. MVO has been documented to be an independent marker for short- and long-term complications including heart failure.

CorFlow has since its foundation in June 2016 worked to document that the Controlled Flow Infusion (CoFITM) technology is able to measure the coronary microvascular status and provide therapy to the compromised coronary microcirculation in the cath lab fitting the workflow for acute heart attack (STEMI) patients. CorFlow has developed an in-vivo model which reproducibly creates MVO in an occlusion-reperfusion model with very low complication rates. Using this in-vivo model, the CoFITM technology is used to measure real-time dynamic microvascular resistance (dMVR). The dMVR values are used throughout the treatment phase to monitor the effectiveness of the CorFlow therapy.

Jeff Cavendish, an interventional cardiologist in San Diego, interviewed in the article said he believes CorFlow’s technology “sounds interesting” and that he wants to see “clinical data showing that CorFlow’s method is superior to using conventional methods.”

CorFlow is preparing to start it’s randomised controlled clinical trial in Europe to document the safety and efficacy of the CoFI™ System. The MOCA I (MVO with CoFI™ System Assessment I) clinical trial will be conducted in more than 5 leading European university hospitals and is scheduled to start enrolment in second half of 2018.

Martin T. Rothman, CorFlow’s co-Founder and professor in interventional cardiology, commented: “Even if we as interventional cardiologists have become extremely effective in managing acute heart attack patients, we have to recognise that a large number of these patients suffer complications which potentially could have been avoided.”

Data from the non-clinical testing of the CorFlow CoFI™ System will be published during the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) in Orlando, Florida, starting tomorrow.

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