The CorFlow TherapyTM

Several arterial technologies have been attempted to improve microcirculation and reduce infarct size after a stent procedure. In general, these technologies try to infuse or aspire at high constant flow rates. Current technologies do also not combine the therapeutic approach with real-time diagnosis of the microvascular status.

The CorFlow TherapyTM is performed while the vascular status is monitored in real time thereby adapting the therapy to each patient. CorFlow has completed the first preclinical trials at the University Hospital of Zürich. The trials showed that the hypothesis regarding measurement of microvascular status in real time during CorFlow Therapy™ appears correct and feasible. These results are promising for a fast implementation of the CorFlow technology with novel therapeutic algorithms and real time adjustment to the microvascular status.

The company has identified its technology development partners and has filed comprehensive provisional patents which will be the basis for an extensive patent portfolio.


Real-time diagnosis and improvement of the microcirculation.

Martinez GJ et al. “The index of microcirculatory resistance in the physiologic assessment of coronary circulation”, Cor Art Dis 2015;26(1):e15-e26


CorFlow has completed proof-of-concept preclinical trials. The results document that The CorFlow Therapy ™ is feasible and that a substantial coronary flow increase can be achieved reflecting reduced microvascular obstruction rates.